Independent Network Consultancy


At MJH Solutions we believe that the Network audit begins at the foundation of your network, the cabling. Auditing your physical cable infrastructure is the first step in understanding how your network should function. This is the very foundation on which your data and ultimately your business are built. This knowledge is crucial if the time comes to troubleshoot your network and applications. This information will quickly assist you in quickly resolving your issues.

The better armed you are with information about your network the more effective your response will be be when faced with an outage or network slow down. Trending is an important and often overlooked aspect of the network audit. How do you know if your network is operating at its optimum if you do not have a baseline to compare it to? Baseline trends are absolutely necessary if you wish to understand your network and it should be operating.

We will answer these critical questions

Is my physical network optimal for what I require?

Is your infrastructure designed and installed to industry standards? Could your network issues be a cause of improperly installed cables and the many electrical issues that cables face? Are you suffering higher than expected Db loss on your fibre terminations?

What is running on my network?

What protocols are actually running on my networks? Are my workstations and printers configured optimally and have any unnecessary protocols shut off? Are my workstations configured properly with   the correct subnet masks and IP address ranges?

How much bandwidth are applications using?

Who are my top sender and my top receiver? Are my network servers and applications tuned for optimal performance? How much of my bandwidth is being eaten up by overhead?

What is the actual performance that my users are seeing?

Are my users actually seeing the bandwidth they have been configured for?

Who is on the network?

Are all the devices on the network approved or authorized to be connected? Are there devices on the network that are unauthorised?

These are the questions that will be answered in the Audit Documentation. Clear and concise reports that will tell you how it is.

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