Independent Network Consultancy

IT Migration Planning

MJH Solutions are specialists in the planning, installation and migration of mission critical IT equipment including application servers, SANs, data warehousing, network, security and communications assets.

The migration of any operational service will have a business expectation of minimal downtime.  To achieve this requires a detailed degree of planning. At MJH Solutions we employ 4 key steps within our planning:

    • Discovery – This involves understanding the detailed structure of the current system.
    • Design Utilisation of the collected data from the discovery phase is used to understand the requirements of the new system.
    • Test This phase is closely linked to the design phase & is critical for a successful implementation to follow.  This phase will validate the back up of critical data, the rollout of the new service & the roll back procedure in the event of an aborted install.
    • Implementation – Closely monitored rollout of the new service with fully tested roll back plan ready to implement at key points in the event of a failed installed.

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