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Security Design

Well-designed security systems minimise risks that could threaten your business.

We will work with you to design the best and most cost-effective solution for your  organisation. Using an array of strategies, we can help you protect your people, property and profits without disrupting your operations.

The earlier security design is implemented, the more effective it will be. As a result, we prefer to become involved at the design stage of a building or development. If you are designing from scratch or refurbishing an existing building, talk to us. We will help remove crime and risk potential to safeguard your operating environment. We can provide systems that provide Real Time Alarm Reporting via SMS, email or SNMP Traps

We specialise in:

Access Control
One of the simplest ways to protect your business is to control movement into and out of your buildings. We can advise you about many access control systems that range from basic sign-in or turnstile facilities to sophisticated multi-level RFID or Biometrics systems. These can track and restrict access for different categories of personnel at key points around your premises.

We design CCTV systems to suit all requirements and budgets. Whether you need a simple one-camera solution or a complex multi-camera system using high-clarity technical monitoring and recording equipment, we can help.

Intrusion Detection

We design Intrusion Detection systems to cover site/building perimeters or door monitoring sensing either movement or vibration.  These sensors can be integrated with existing security systems to provide a ‘fully armed’ security system.

Control Centres
Modern data centres and control rooms must run smoothly and unobtrusively within your organisation and be able to support fast, seamless growth.  The deployments of new services, without major disruptions to the operation, are a necessity. We design fully integrated control centres providing effective system control from a single location. The control centre we design for you will not be over complex but will facilitate your operations and help your security staff work more efficiently.

To discuss your security requirements, or for more information, please email to: